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Introduction to PHPuserFramework

PHPuserFramework is the name of a project that was created to offer a solution for applications with the following requests:

  1. It is PHP based, so it can used for developping applications for web sites.
  2. It offers a basic user administration with different user levels (i.e. user, admin)
  3. It allows to define a basic layout.
  4. It allows to participate two or more programmers.
  5. Programmers only work on their applications.
  6. It uses a plugin mechanism to include applications.
  7. It must be scalable by extending with further applications.

PHPuserFramework is designed to fulfill these requests. It uses only one script that manages the user login, initializes existing applications, calls up the right application (if requested for) and returns the layout with the appropriate content.

In common, this system uses known ideas like templates and classes in a way that makes it easy for programmers to develop new applications. The main script capsules the system layout into templates that can be adapted to your own wishes. The applications are capsuled into classes and separated into defined directories. For common functions (i.e. user administration, database connections) there are also classes that will be given to each application to work with.

This technology results in these advantages:

  1. Developers needn't care about the main layout they only define the layout of their application.
  2. Through the capsulation of applications several programmers are able to work on their applications without disturbing each other.
  3. There are defined "interfaces" that enables application classes to be automatically plugged in.
  4. There is a small user interface that can easily be extended.
  5. Through the database interface it is possible to connect to other databases. At this time there is only a definition for MySQL
  6. It is easier to change the site layout because there is no layout code into the script

Documentation | Download